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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Goal Link To the World -Why I thought about this goal

One day I woke up and thought myself what would make a difference in my students. I wanted them not only to learn grammar rules because to study languages is more than that. I asked myself about the purpose of learning a second language and the advantages it give us. It was then that I realized and I found the answer. Learning an international language as English allows to communicate with the world and learn about different cultures. At this time the goal “Link To The World” came to my mind.It would have positive effects on my students: natural context would get more competence in dealing with everyday linguistic transactions.It would also help them to become independent learners . They would reflect on their own and others` cultures.Their real world meaningful connection would provide to my students with comprehensible input in the transactions in the negotiation with the outside world. From the implementation onwards, they would improve their language skills but what is more important they would have a global vision which will help them to understand cultures and a common core: we are all human beings immersed in this world. As Louis Armstrong said What a wonderful: we have much more to discover yet, there is no time to wait :)

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